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street typography

one of my new favorite blogs – thanks to sean – is swiss miss. it’s a blog by tina roth, a swiss designer. the work she showcases on her blog is beautifully simplistic. i recently came across this. industrial alphabet

those who know me know that one of my true loves is typography. this is such an interesting way to display how typography is all around us. after seeing this i want to re-create it in my own way. the same idea of using everyday things to create letters but in a different setting. i am going to add that to my list of things to do.

i took a typography class in college and one of our assignment was to make our own font out of things around us. i took apart my boyfriend’s old studded belt and used the studs to form letters. it looked like a more square version of dot matrix. once we created the font we had to typeset the first amendment. this is what my studded belt font looked like:


in the end, i became slightly ocd about it all. my professor was impressed that i made an actual font that was legible (that is why i made it a serif font).


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Where the wild things are

I am very excited about this movie. I love the book.

I also really enjoy the music choice. The Arcade Fire is one of my favorite bands.

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Personal Projects

I need to start completing the items on my personal project list. These are things I have been putting off for too long.

1. Bind my type book by hand. Sean bought me this great book on how to make books. I just need to go back to Pearl Paint to see if they have any supplies. Last time I went they were out of everything.

2. When I wasn’t able to find book binding supplies, I ceramic paint – no firing needed. Sean and I have a couple white mugs that I want to put some sort of pattern on. So the first part of this is I need to figure out what design to put on it. Part of me thinks the above fan pattern blown up could work. Although, maybe something typographic would be better. I could also put one thing on one mug and the other design on another one.

3. Print my Cazenovia book. I spent way too much time on that book for no one to see it and the photography in it is beautiful. I have a few spreads on my design related site but nothing compares to seeing a book in print. I might finally put it on Blurb and buy a copy for myself.

4. Design my website so this summer Sean can teach me how to build it correctly – using CSS and not slice and dice via photoshop. I have a design related site but I would like to have a site that I designed and built.

5. Become better at photoshop. My boss gave me an image some packaging he had designed and wanted me to make it look like this.

Well something like that but with a light grey background. I was able to make this. I was only given the image of the bottle. I added the creatures in InDesign by making them bitmaps first.


He also wanted me to create a layout like this:


In the end he liked both of my images.

The more I use photoshop the more I like it. I would like to fiddle with retouching a bit as well. I know a fair amount but not as much as my photographer friends. When I was freelancing at Workman Publishing I did some photoshopping as well – recreating part of a wall and putting in objects that were for their HOOPS 2010 calendar.

I think this goes hand in hand with wanting to shoot more. I have a great camera¬† that I rarely use. When I was studying abroad, I always had my camera with me and took hundreds of pictures. I feel like living in New York would have inspired me the same way as London or Amesterdam did, but it hasn’t of yet.

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LED Sheep

A friend sent me this video today. It is incredible. After living with a roommate in London who had a huge affinity for sheep, some of that has rubbed off. When ever she saw sheep she yelled out “SHEEEEEP,” whether it be in the tube station looking at a poster or on a train. We took a class trip to Bradford and most of us had fallen asleep when we were suddenly awoken by her screaming out “sheep.” There are a lot of sheep in the English country side so it happened quite often during that trip.

The first time watching the video I did not know what to expect. I was very impressed with the sheep making a big sheep. Who knew sheep could play pong or become the Mona Lisa.

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St. Patty’s Day

from ladybugbkt's flickr

from ladybugbkt's flickr

Happy St. Patty’s Day.

Wall-E is one of my favorite movies; I usually end up watching it at least every other week. The sound design blows me away. I highly recommend watching the short documentary behind the sound design.

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