street typography

one of my new favorite blogs – thanks to sean – is swiss miss. it’s a blog by tina roth, a swiss designer. the work she showcases on her blog is beautifully simplistic. i recently came across this. industrial alphabet

those who know me know that one of my true loves is typography. this is such an interesting way to display how typography is all around us. after seeing this i want to re-create it in my own way. the same idea of using everyday things to create letters but in a different setting. i am going to add that to my list of things to do.

i took a typography class in college and one of our assignment was to make our own font out of things around us. i took apart my boyfriend’s old studded belt and used the studs to form letters. it looked like a more square version of dot matrix. once we created the font we had to typeset the first amendment. this is what my studded belt font looked like:


in the end, i became slightly ocd about it all. my professor was impressed that i made an actual font that was legible (that is why i made it a serif font).


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