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Tim Burton’s ‘Wonderland’

It is going to be a trip. Anne Hathaway as the “White Queen”; Johnny Depp as the “Mad Hatter” and Helena Bonham Carter as the “Red Queen”.


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Fallen Princesses

What if all the Disney’s princesses’ stories didn’t end happily ever after?




By Dina Goldstein.

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Creative Mornings

This morning I went to Creative Mornings at MEET – put together by Swiss Miss. Khoi Vinh, design director of the NY Times, spoke about what the ’90s taught him. His main points were:


If you can’t read it they are: 1. Tell the truth (about who you are and to your self), 2. Understand the problem (before you try to solve it), 3. Don’t skimp (on time, resources, etc.), 4. Fads are bad (don’t try to design in a style or incorporate it if it does not feel right), 5. Let a thing be what it is (don’t be like Prince and his symbol) and 6. A little bit of self-delusion goes a long way (look at Right Said Fred’s “I’m too sexy”).

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The Art Scholar

This definitely appeals to my inner bookworm.


By amartinsdebarros.

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Greenpoint Pictures

A few weekends I walked around northern Greenpoint –  a place where I have lived for about a year but still have not greatly explored – and took pictures along the way. The area is mostly industrial but is becoming more residential.


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